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Learning Something New (part 4) Cohen

Cohen is our youngest, he definitely has an adventurous soul and a love for the river. I interviewed Cohen for this blog.

Q:  What is your favorite thing to do on the river?

A:  Jump off trees, kayak, swim and just play in the water.

Q: Tell me about kayaking.

A:  it’s fun to surf down little waves and run down creeks when the water is up. I learned it can be dangerous so look out for rootwads.

Q:  Tell me about playing in the water.

A:  I like to play sinking the boat, its when you sink the boat and see how long you can stay on top of it. I try to stay on longer than my brother but he’s like 15 and I’m 11 so yeah…

Q:  Tell me about some of your adventures on the river.

A:  I explore a lot. One time we found a beaver trap, a car engine, a steering wheel….one time we found Santa and some of his reindeer. I like to build forts and make camp.  One time we camped overnight and that was fun, we flipped our canoe it was cold because we camped in February. I have paddleboarded and kayaked by myself down the Saline and canoed many times with my family. My mom says my first canoe trip was when I was 1 but I don’t remember that. So..umm yeah that’s my adventures on the river.


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