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Learning Something New Part 3-Mason

Mason is our oldest and shares our love for the river.  I asked him some of his favorite things to do on the river…

“I like to mess around mostly, like play submarine where you sink the canoe and get up underneath where there is air and walk around.”

“I like to look for trees and rope swings to jump off of.”

“I like to look for out of the ordinary stuff, you can find some really cool things when your on the river.”

“I also like going up and down the river in the flat bottom.”

What is your favorite spot on the river…

“I like to paddle up river with my friends to this gravel island, there is a current that you can float down and it’s pretty fun.”  “I also like to float downriver with my friends in my kayak.”

Anything you have learned on the river…

“Yeah I learned how to get hurt and now I know what not to do–like check the water before you jump off trees, don’t flip over in cold water and watch where you step because some people leave their trash.”


Mason is our fisherman of the fam and enjoys fishing on the Saline.  Currently he is the only one in the fam  to catch the infamous Walleye.  Once by luck–(this was about 3 years ago) he was swimming by the boat ramp at Lyle Park and happened upon a spool of fishing line that happened to have a hook on the end (it was an old rusty hook).  He cast the line and a second later pulls in a fish and YES it’s a Walleye—LUCKY!  Since then he has been fishing at least once a week during school and 3-4 times a week in the summer.  And has caught several Walleye now as well as bass and crappie.  We recently gave him his own fishing kayak which he loves.

“I love the river, there are cool spots to have a good time and I like that’s it natural not man-made AND it’s in my backyard.”

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