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Something Bigger Than You

“You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.”  Seth Godin (author, entrepreneur, marketer, public speaker)

So this blog is about a wall we built. A wall which was dug out of the ground and braced, a wall which collapsed, a wall which was rebuilt, reinforced and now stands tall and strong AND is bigger than we imagined it would be.  Bigger in grandeur yes but bigger than ourselves and our presumed capabilities, bigger than the blood, sweat, tears and the material and the time it took to build it.  It’s hard to articulate this “bigger” it’s emotional, physical, spiritual…

We had moved to some land on the river and the land was in dire need of some TLC and a vision. The vision was cast for a boat house with a deck on top.  Easy enough, no…the location of the boat house was a challenge.  The location was in a hillside.   This is the beginning of the wall.  We began renovating the land with backhoes and dozers we began cutting into this well settled hill.  The depth we had to cut into the hill was approximately 8 feet and the height of the hill that is now the wall was 10 feet.  Satisfied with the depth and height we began bracing this wall with 60 lb. landscaping block.  We had  limited resources at the time so we did what we could to hold the wall in place we were able to get the blocks about 3 feet high.  I reckon it would have been advantageous to take out a small loan and finish this wall because of what happened next but then again we wouldn’t have learned anything.

So what happened next well it rained…a lot…and the wall fell.  The rain displaced the displaced dirt and we had ourselves a landslide along with that all the blocks we had laid were now underneath ALOT of earth.   A few days later after the “that just happened” wore off we had a plan.  The new plan: build a 10 ft x 80 ft block wall in a day.  Well it took 2 days and 4-5 people and the wall went up–THE 10 FOOT WALL LAID WITH 60 LB BLOCK.   This is the video of the fallen wall and the block.  All of this needs to go right there!  (I haven’t quite figured out how to square the video’s up) So this wall ended up being 10 ft tall and 80 ft long. This was big in and of itself but what happened next superseded my expectations.  Next we stood up 14 20 foot poles again this is big those poles are HUGE!  Then we built the brace for the deck and this vision is really coming into focus; then we deck it and put the rails up.  This deck ends up being 1500 square ft.

bracing the deckstanding up the polesYes this is a BIG deck!  AND this wasn’t easy physically: blood, sweat, tears; emotionally: WTH?!; spiritually:  perseverance.  All of which cannot grow unless there is resistance.  So get a vision, even it is bigger than what your preconceived pseudo capabilities are and when you met resistance know it’s an opportunity to grow.

We have hosted 2 events already on the new deck and have plans to add a fireplace and an outdoor kitchen. I wish I had a pic that showed the view overlooking the river; it’s beautiful.


2 Responses to “Something Bigger Than You

  • James Henley
    3 years ago

    Well said man, this is often times what it takes to accomplish our dreams. We must push through even when it seems impossible. (Reminds me a little of camp last year, seemed like we were never going to get that game built. Lol.)

  • Felicia
    3 years ago

    Pictures don’t do this justice. Having seen it in person, I can affirm the view is breathtaking, but the structure and the wall are amazing as well – just in a different way. So proud of you guys for pushing through!